About Coach Allison

Today, I am helping micropreneurs remove growth barriers from self and business. I learned a lot about business leaders during the process of building their businesses. And I saw great growth once they stopped letting fear lead the way. The found the business building process both eye opening and rewarding. It’s hard work and we have a good time doing it. It gave them the confidence to be the brand!

Yes, you can have fun while working hard. One of my early triumphs in business (which I still think is super cool) was acquiring international clients. They sparked my love of digital marketing, taught me new techniques and challenged me to grow in my business. It was during this time, I recognized business growth was directly affected by business operations as such it is essential to build strong teams. So, I began helping businesses owners with their operations and digital marketing. The secret sauce is in the strategy.

If you are ready to scale and grow your business, let’s close the gap between current state and future state, today.

Work With Me Highlights: 

  • Gain Instant Access to Business In a Box (Goodies, Training & Resources)

  • Join Our Community

  • Learn and Grow with Self-Mastery

  • Achieve High Impact Results with an Organized Plan and a Great Team.  


P.S. My coaching programs are designed to give business owners control over their own seats, ceilings and destinies. High performers cultivate a culture of learning, especially when they show up as their authentic self. It pushes you to take consistent steps outside of your comfort zone. As your coach. I devote the time, expertise and energy required.  What you focus your attention on grows, so let’s get focused!

Professional Bio

Allison Todd helps micropreneurs scale their teams and their profits through operations and digital marketing strategies. She is an accomplished executive with more than 20 years invested in managing businesses, building brands, and coaching executives. Her work includes a variety of consulting services such as sales, team development, digital marketing, and executive coaching. She coaches business leaders and their teams through significant change and challenge while influencing a productive business culture.

She is attracted to projects that build character, amplify creativity, and inspire collaboration….all while changing the world. Her previous fundraising efforts, exceeding $10 million, led to her pursuit of the perfect philanthropic position. As such, Allison serves as the Senior Director of Development at United Way of Greater Atlanta with a focus on high net worth individuals.

Allison earned her Master of Arts in Human Resource Management and Development from Webster University and her Bachelors of Arts in Communication from the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Her leadership activities include United Way Loaned Executive Alum, United Way VIP Alum, and a member of the Johnetta B. Cole Women’s Society. She also serves as an avid volunteer for United Way of Greater Atlanta, a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., a mentor angel for Imerman Angels, and a member of Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity.

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I Believe

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