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Cecily Garrett

Allison is so much more than a coach. She is a blessing, a sister, a cheerleader, a therapist, a strategist, a creative director all rolled into one. She makes it her business to see you win and ensure the best of you is on display. Allison helps you discover your value and untapped potential. I would highly recommend her and always look forward to our time together.

Cecily Garrett
Owner, Cecily Garrett & Company

Allison is a visionary, natural brand cheerleader for any client with great skills in executing creative, big brand development ideas. She approaches her work with sensitivity and great listening skills to assist her clients with defining their voice to create a distinct brand and support via social media platforms. If you are seeking to define your brand to increase your business awareness and sales, contact Allison immediately! I personally have reaped the benefits of working with her.

Natasha Harrison
Owner, Community Investment Strategist


Working with Allison was one of the best investments I made in my business. She helped me map out a strategic plan for my business after providing the clarity I needed. She identified my Zone of Genius in many untapped areas. I was able to streamline my services and double my business revenue in just a few months.

Vanessa Parker
Owner,  Divas N Defense 


A care package of excitement, exuberance, and knowledge, passion, and commitment, Allison Todd will take you on a journey to the land you dreamed of.  Her professional approach is in no way limited to just development, growth, and execution, you will walk away from each session with her READY and COURAGEOUS.  I must admit, I have sought her out for many opportunities, and yet I still give THANKS when I’m in any room with her.  Her energy will draw you in and propel you in moments.  There’s nothing magical about her, her talents but her approach is like no other.  I will always seek Allison and Allison is always ready!

Kysha Cameron
Owner, Honoring Hue

Kysha Cameron
Client List Testimonials
Allison isn’t just your ride-or-die on your business journey; she’s the map, the keys to the car, and the gas it takes to get you there. She borders on the omnipotent when it comes to complete clarity and strategy in your business. Want a hands-on business coach and strategist that not only elevates your business but leaves you feeling empowered to do so? Coach Allison Todd is the only one you need.

Liz Slyman

Owner, Amplihigher Copywriting Agency

When I think about Allison and her gifts, I am compelled to stand in my being and shout “Confidence”.I have never witnessed a coach who is more passionate about doing ‘the work’ than she. If you are ready to clear your blockages, move to the next level, and experience a new kind of self empowerment, Confidence Coach, Allison Todd is the person who can help you reach those goals. She will equip you with a strategy that supports your growth in confidence. Get connected, get confidence.

Gerrian Hawes
Publisher, South Atlanta Magazine