Client List
& Testimonials

Allyson Jones

Allison is a truly amazing soul! She has a beautiful spirit and can connect with virtually anyone. With the power of WOO (Winning Over Others), she also comes with expertise in strategy, project management, development and coaching. Allison can develop a project start to finish and add flavor and personality to a brand that is unmatched. In my work with her I have found her to be completely reliable, authentic and she operates with integrity.

Allyson Jones MBA
Visionary, Advocate, Champion and Innovator

Allison is like no other. Her confident and fearless personality is can not be matched and her zeal to help others is uncontainable. She’s always there to provide encouragement and wisdom. She’s helped me build my confidence professionally and personally, and I admire her willingness to share her gifts and talents. I am so grateful to call her my big sister, my mentor, my coach and my friend. She is truly a black woman who rocks!

Ashley Boyd
Wellness Coach

Absolutely the cosmic force one needs to defy gravity! Allison is a master at strategically revealing your greatest abilities and helping you become your very best. A compassionate listener who can deliver results! Thank you Allison for helping me soar!

Phlice Gray
Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships

Allison is a phenomenal coach. I met Allison during what I thought would be a temporary work assignment. She noticed that even though I had all the goods I was slightly unsure of myself and I did not like putting myself out there. Allison took the time to get to know me and understand my passions and business. Through that conversation she was able to speak to the things to help me build confidence and believe in myself at the next level. Through her constant encouragement, support, and mentorship I have found my voice again and because of that my business is growing and I am able to give to my clients what Allison gave to me.

Bianca Renee
Coach & Life Strategist

Afton Eicholtz

Allison is a natural leader with a clear passion for her work and a drive for improvement and achievement. She approaches problems with a level-headed and ambitious attitude, and is generous with sharing learned best practices and the successes she has seen through her unique approach to her work. Her personality makes her a team player, and her work ethic and poise set her apart as an leader of her peers. Allison is a pleasure to work with.

Afton Eicholtz
Process-Driven Professional