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Allison if one of the systematic, organized, detail-oriented, practical and business-minded people I’ve ever met. We run a business networking club together and in the few months we’ve known each other she has not only been a tremendous support for the group, but she’s showed me how to approach complex business problems in a simpler and manageable way (even though she probably hasn’t even realized it). Here’s to many more years working together!

Silvia Coletto
Owner, Paid Ads School

Allison demonstrated early on that she has a thorough understanding of business. She possesses the key qualities of an effective leader who has the ability to identify challenges while presenting solutions. She has an established reputation for dependability and a strong sense of devotion to her community. Her motivating personality makes her a valued asset to any team. 
Randy Latimer
Vice President Marketing
Allison is a dynamic, thoughtful, and caring leader. I have known Allison for over 8 years and experienced her leadership in not only raising the resources that communities across Atlanta need but also in deeply understanding the complexities and the why behind it all. Allison is resourceful, creative, and such a bright light. As a leader in her field of partner engagement and resource development, I would definitely recommend her for any future business opportunities.
G. Kim Addie
Racial Justice Advocate | Experienced Nonprofit and Philanthropic Leader
Allison is a truly caring and motivating individual that not only thinks outside the box, but also offers clever problem-solving solutions. She is an excellent coach and mentor who always has a smile on her face!
Caroline West
Technology Consulting Manager