Can Take You

Grow Beyond Self-Doubt and Insecurity.

Confidence liberates you to live authentically.

Confidence propels you to make choices that align with your life’s goals.

Confidence coaching accelerates your drive to reach more, achieve more,
and BE more with less burnout.

Your confidence is your inner


Are you leveraging it?

What Is Confidence Coaching?

Confidence coaching helps you dismantle self-doubt and overcome limiting beliefs. It’s the perfect way to get clarity and be inspired.

It helps you figure out exactly what it is you want, uncover what stands between you and your goals, and chart a path to achieving your fullest potential. All bundled up together with compassionate, no judgment coaching to empower you every step of the way.

Why Do You Need

Confidence Coaching?

Professional and Olympic athletes. Hollywood Walk-of-Fame actors. Michelin-Star chefs. Globally successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

What do they all have in common? They have all been coached!

Their lives are defined by constant guidance and mentorship. They’ve dedicated years to receiving coaching for belief reframing, skill enhancement, and strategic market domination.

And It All Starts With Confidence.

Confidence to overtake your obstacles and turn them into stepping stones.

Confidence to visualize your dreams and viciously pursue them.

Confidence to show up as your authentic self and stop apologizing for who you are.

Confidence to kick public opinion to the curb and unashamedly chase after what fulfills you.

But It Can Be Overwhelming to
Forge Your Own Path!

In order for you to look at your life and your business through an objective lens, you need a coach in your corner.

Someone who can help you develop bulletproof operational strategies that promote the success of your mission.

A coach who can help you achieve clarity about your goals and strategize every next move.

A mentor who will guide you through personal and professional growth, entrepreneurial sustainability, and successful longevity in life and business.

A coach that can give you an edge and show you the forest you’re missing because of all those pesky trees.

A confidence coach to help you shape a different perspective and draw more out of you than you could have ever extracted on your own.

As Seen In

Hi! I’m Allison Todd,

Confidence Coach and Strategic Mentor

In all my 20+ years of professional coaching and mentoring, one thing has become increasingly apparent: Growth happens when you stop leading with fear. 

When fear, self-doubt, and insecurity stop making your decisions for you, your path is clearly visualized and your success is inevitable.

The process to move you from fear to confidence may vary, depending on the depth of your insecurities and the power you give your obstacles. But we will work to quiet the inner voices telling you that you’re not enough.

We will:

Banish Limiting Beliefs

Magnify Areas of Confidence

Find Your Best Next Step

You will learn to gain confidence, enhance your leadership skills, and take fearless action to get what you desire and deserve out of life. We will start with long-term goals and create an abundant mindset that is fixed on success. Then, we’ll build a framework of practical actions you can begin taking to start your climb.

Together, We’ll Find the Freedom for
You to Live a Confident Life.

Like I did for my previous clients who are now confident
professionals and entrepreneurs!

Confidence Coaching FAQs

A lack of confidence creates growth barriers. These barriers affect your decision-making process and your ability to execute. Confidence helps you learn how to use your voice and be fearlessly assured of your skills. 

People who want to be high performers strive to cultivate a culture of learning and push themselves outside of their comfort zone. Let’s debunk the myth that you can’t reach your dreams and achieve a life defined by confident happiness!

Friend, this is my specialty! No matter where you are in your personal, professional, or entrepreneurial journey, we will work together to overcome obstacles and chart a custom path to confidence just for you.

Confidence coaching is a form of life coaching. It focuses on current barriers and future actions to overcome them. Confidence coaching is very personal and direct, helping you dismantle limiting beliefs and forge ahead with peace and assurance.

Absolutely! I offer high-octane and highly effective online confidence coaching. However, if you’re local to Atlanta, we can also meet in person!