When you need advice, who do you turn to? A mentor.

Mentorship is defined as “guidance provided by a mentor, especially an experienced person in a company or educational institution”.  When planning your next career move, taking on new responsibility, building your confidence or entering a new environment it’s helpful to have the advice of an experienced person.  A good mentor can motivate positive choices, promote self-awareness and support professional development while nurturing your innovative ideas.  It can be used as a complementary learning method, with or without coaching.

What does mentorship look like, for you?  My mentoring program offers an individual learning model coupled with experiential learning and group accountability.  Our goals are connection and development in various phases.  It’s the art of big ideas and real-world thinking fueled by process, people and a plan.

Are you ready to meet your mentor and engage in the exchange of information and create a growth plan for your professional pursuits?

Here’s your chance to join the community! 

During the pre-recorded webinar, I will introduce you to the mentoring programs and identify next steps. It’s not just about your job, it’s about thriving in the workplace (even if you own the workplace).  Learn how to increase your confidence, decrease your fear and rev up your productivity!

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