Today, I am a leading business coach mastering the art of confidence and the amplifiers of business.  I help remove growth barriers and increase self-awareness. While building businesses, I learned about business leaders. And I saw great growth once they stopped letting fear lead the way. As a confidence coach, the goal is to help clients convert fear to fuel and grow confidently.

I am also the Founder and Chief Strategist of SiMar. My customer focused strategies partnered with the unique digital campaigns help clients build the business of their dreams. And we have a good time doing it. Yes, you can have fun while working hard. If you are ready to transform your business and close the gap between what it is now and what you want it to be – schedule a discovery call with me.

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One day I needed to remind myself of what I believed, so I wrote it down.  After sharing it with a few, I thought I would share it with many. 

I Believe…
I believe that if we give people the freedom to discover who they are, they will grow to be their best self.
I believe that everyone has a journey and a destiny where their voice, personal values and beliefs author the speed with which they reach their destiny.
I believe that love is a religion. It is a commitment to act, to give, to commit and to honor. It’s a powerful source where many can connect to become an abundant force. I believe if we all believe in something there is a shared respect in each other’s belief systems, thus allowing us to authentically love our neighbor.  READ MORE

Professional Bio

Allison Todd is an accomplished Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Executive Coach and Social Media Influencer with more than 15 years invested in managing businesses, building brands, coaching C-Suite clients and their teams. Her work includes high impact training, corporate fundraising and business consulting services. As a corporate strategist, Allison is fueled by creating strategic corporate partnerships that introduce United Way of Greater Atlanta and the Child Well-Being Movement.

As Founder and Chief Strategist of SiMAR, she coaches executives and their teams through significant changes and challenges. She is attracted to projects that build character, amplify creativity and inspire collaboration, this is her way of changing the world. Allison believes that everyone has life lessons that others can benefit from. She equips people to share their stories with the tools they need. She understands and knows the power of storytelling via speaking, writing, and social media. Her masterclasses on storytelling impact leaders and the audiences they serve.

Todd earned her Masters of Arts in Human Resource Management and Development from Webster University and her Bachelors of Arts in Communication Theory & Rhetoric from the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Her leadership roles include Corporate Relations Manager, United Way of Greater Atlanta where she is responsible for managing an account portfolio valued at $3.25M (over the last 7 years her fundraising efforts have totaled a little under $10mil), United Way Loaned Executive Alum, United Way VIP Alum and is a member of the United Way of Greater Atlanta’s Cole Women United and African American Partnership.