Wish to harness the next growth engine for your business? We can help you in delivering the much-needed operational speed that tends to outpace digital disruption. It is quite a challenge to ensure sustainable growth in today’s era. If you are running a small-scale business, it is important to be aware of the potential competitors in the given industry. As such, growth is not just about building value –it is synonymous with long-term business survival. If you are wondering about how your organization can compete in the modern era, we present to you our comprehensive range of business operations consulting services from the experts.

At SiMar, we are committed to helping organizations to reinvent themselves with high-end operating models enabled by cutting-edge human-machine interactions. Powered by data, digital technologies, intelligence, and skilled talent, our dedicated business operations consulting solutions help in providing tangible outcomes along with relevant long-term growth.

Our Diverse Capabilities

With the help of our team’s in-depth knowledge and relevant expertise in the given industry, we apply innovation, intelligence, and high-end industry experience, along with all-new IT skills for driving business growth and value.

  • Finance & Accounting: We help companies transform to strategic organizations from transactional units through highly intelligent operations.
  • Insurance: We help you to harness the immense power of human & machine interactions for establishing resilient operations for the business.
  • Sourcing & Procurement: Our data-driven insights help in optimizing processes while increasing the overall efficiency and driving more value.
  • Banking: We ensure business sustainability through the transformation to the agile banking model for improved performance.
  • Supply Chain: We help in building transparent, agile supply chains for helping businesses to navigate market volatility with ultimate success.
  • Marketing: Marketing operations help in activating and optimizing the best-in-class customer experiences for delivering breakthrough results.
  • Health: We help payers, service providers, and government agencies to drive maximum growth while improving the overall patient outcomes.
  • Talent & HR: We help in reshaping the overall employee experience by improving retention with the help of innovative corporate operating models.

Our Focus Areas in Business Operations Consulting Services

  • Operations Resiliency: We help in building adaptive as well as innovative operations that tend to be resilient against economic and competitive environments. We help organizations to keep pace with the increasing instances of fluctuating trends in the market along with demand shifts for improving the overall operations efficiency.


  • Next-generation Operating Models: We leverage the potential of disruptive services for driving business performance with the help of designing next-generation customer-centric operating models. We also help organizations to combine both technology and strategy for innovating operations model design as well as transformation.


  • Accelerated Transformation: We are committed to unlocking the true value of technology-driven business transformation –right from the design aspect to its effective implementation. As we deliver end-to-end digital transformations, we aim at working with organizations to enable cutting-edge operations technology. This also helps in maximizing technology investments for positioning the entire business for the long-term basis.

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