Client List & Testimonials

  • Allison is a visionary, natural brand cheerleader for any client with great skills in executing creative, big brand development ideas. She approaches her work with sensitivity and great listening skills to assist her clients with defining their voice to create a distinct brand and support via social media platforms. If you are seeking to define your brand to increase your business awareness and sales, contact Allison immediately! I personally have reaped the benefits of working with her.

    Natasha Harrison Community Investment Strategist
  • When I think about Allison and her gifts, I am compelled to stand in my being and shout "Confidence".I have never witnessed a coach who is more passionate about doing 'the work' than she. If you are ready to clear your blockages, move to the next level, and experience a new kind of self empowerment, Confidence Coach, Allison Todd is the person who can help you reach those goals. She will equip you with a strategy that supports your growth in confidence. Get connected, get confidence.

    Gerrian Hawes Publisher, South Atlanta Magazine
  • Allison is a connector and looks for win-win-win outcomes. I've thoroughly enjoyed working with her. She is a strategic thinker who imagines possibilities where others may not. And, she is great with follow-through.

    Lonnie W. Smith Vice President Of Business Development at On the Road Lending
  • Connecting with Allison Todd in 2018 truly was one of the highlights of my year, both professionally and personally! Allison's ability to uplift you when you are at your lowest and celebrate you when you are at your highest is truly a gift. She is a humanitarian, a problem solver, confidence coach and a true servant leader. She not only sees the best in people but she knows how to make YOU see the best in you. Allison knows how to discover a person's talents and bring them to the forefront of your life; showing you how to live your best life, authentically and unapologetically.

    Kaila Davis Relationship Manager
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Allison and watching her in action on a few different occasions. Her passion and tenacity can spark a fire in any room. Allison has an innate ability to motivate others and connect with them on a much deeper level, leaving them feeling empowered and confident!

    Kaycia Rhone Independent Business Owner at Kaycia Rhone Events, Inc.
  • Allison Todd is nothing short of a powerhouse. She easily commands the attention of any room and connects with audiences in a meaningful way. Her message delivery is electrifying and moves you to action. Our connection began at United Way and has sustained since my departure. For me she has been a brain trust and motivator. Allison has many gifts and talents, but the one I have been most blessed by is her ability to use words to stir the soul. It has been my honor to work with the genius of Allison in many capacities and I know she will add tremendous value to any program or event.

    Melanie Robinson McMorrin Branding Communications Career Advisor
  • I have worked with Allison on several projects. Her leadership skills as well as her professionalism has always shine so brightly. She is very passionate about empowering others to become their very best! It was a pleasure working with her!

    Shannon Bryant Human Resources Professional at North Highland
  • Allison is a natural leader with a clear passion for her work and a drive for improvement and achievement. She approaches problems with a level-headed and ambitious attitude, and is generous with sharing learned best practices and the successes she has seen through her unique approach to her work. Her personality makes her a team player, and her work ethic and poise set her apart as an leader of her peers. Allison is a pleasure to work with.

    Afton Herring Process-Driven Professional
  • Allison is a truly amazing soul! She has a beautiful spirit and can connect with virtually anyone. With the power of WOO (Winning Over Others), she also comes with expertise in strategy, project management, development and coaching. Allison can develop a project start to finish and add flavor and personality to a brand that is unmatched. In my work with her I have found her to be completely reliable, authentic and she operates with integrity.

    Allyson Jones MBA Visionary, Advocate, Champion and Innovator
  • Allison is like no other. Her confident and fearless personality is can not be matched and her zeal to help others is uncontainable. She's always there to provide encouragement and wisdom. She's helped me build my confidence professionally and personally, and I admire her willingness to share her gifts and talents. I am so grateful to call her my big sister, my mentor, my coach and my friend. She is truly a black woman who rocks!

    Ashley Boyd Wellness Coach
  • Absolutely the cosmic force one needs to defy gravity! Allison is a master at strategically revealing your greatest abilities and helping you become your very best. A compassionate listener who can deliver results! Thank you Allison for helping me soar!

    Phlice Gray Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships
  • Allison is a phenomenal coach. I met Allison during what I thought would be a temporary work assignment. She noticed that even though I had all the goods I was slightly unsure of myself and I did not like putting myself out there. Allison took the time to get to know me and understand my passions and business. Through that conversation she was able to speak to the things to help me build confidence and believe in myself at the next level. Through her constant encouragement, support, and mentorship I have found my voice again and because of that my business is growing and I am able to give to my clients what Allison gave to me.

    Bianca Renee Coach & Life Strategist
  • I’ve worked with Allison for the past two years, and she is the definition of an extremely energetic, detail-oriented, and caring professional. She is always looking for new, innovative ways for UWGA to partner with different organization in the community for the greater cause of Child Well-Being and is a genuine joy to work with and be around.

    Will Whitehurst Senior Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company
  • A dynamic engagement and corporate relations professional, Allison has been instrumental in helping future nonprofit board members further develop their leadership skills through the United Way's Volunteer Involvement Program (VIP). Allison offers unmatched guidance to building quality relationships with donors through impactful and engaging messages that resonate and bring financial gain. A team that includes Allison is a team that inspires and achieves.

    Kelly S. Earl, MBA Communications | Marketing | Social Responsibility
  • I had the pleasure of meeting Allison during my participation in the United Way of Greater Atlanta VIP Program. Allison is absolutely amazing. Her authenticity and positivity bring so much value to every project she is a part of and every relationship she touches. She is passionate about the work she does and the people that she encounters. Allison is able to dig deep within a conversation in order to assist in identifying solutions. I highly recommend Allison as she is one of the best cheerleaders for development I have encountered. She is a true inspiration.

    Alissa R. Terrell, MBA Project Leader | Analyst | Relationship Manager
  • Allison works with people ready to take life to the next level. She knows that addressing confidence and the client’s values are always part of the conversation. In particular, she appreciates how compromising it can be when people customize themselves to fit in instead of showing up authentically. Allison is a motivator and a polished presenter which you can see in her United Way 'Why Wednesday' video. She builds community and believes in the limitless potential of everyone.

    Catherine Perry Founder, InwardBound Center for Nonprofit Leadership. Co-Creator, 'Racism in America: What Is Mine To Do?' Workshop
  • I met Allison at United Way VIP. She’s such a joy to work with. Her passion to learn, grow, and teach is evident from your initial interaction with her. I admire her ability to command the room and to engage with people from all walks of life.

    Ebony Webber, MBA Chief Operations Officer at MANRRS

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