Digital Office Hours is a one-on-one virtual session with Coach Allison Todd. This time is uniquely designed for you to ask your questions. Sometimes you just need to have a quick Q&A session. You’d be surprised by the business blocks that can be removed during this time. Once you purchase your time slot, you will receive a scheduling link and download the intake form. Then it’s your choice – video on or video off! Ask your questions.

NOTE: Digital Office Hours are only offered at specific times of the year. There is a limited number per month per year. 

If you find you need more time for business planning, consider a Strategy Session. Plus Allison has monthly Live Q&A in the group. During that time, the profit pros ask their questions, network with the business community, and sign up for Digital Office Hours. Join the group today. And if you are a high performer who likes to go for it, Position 2 Profit is the group for you.

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