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Digital Automation Only Package offers solutions for your online-based marketing. It’s perfectly packaged for programmatic performance. The goal is to attract your audience with a genuine connection. As a result, you will have active social media channels and engaging audience content with compelling call-to-action. And your brand gains the digital competitive edge needed.

With your brand goals in mind, this package is a cost-effective way to optimize your channels. Our team will create thirty days of custom content for your business. It includes three social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and a monthly newsletter. Plus the Digital Marketing & Editorial Tool will guide you in creating future content.

But that’s not it. This package comes with a BONUS.  The Digital Automation Only Package also includes 30 bonus images, a custom digital content strategy, channel setup, or channel optimization where necessary, and an analytics assessment to ensure the greatest results.

Want to be more consistent with your digital marketing, this is the package for you. If you have additional questions, contact us, or let’s connect on social media?


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