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Your business is established and profitable, and you’ve been historically successful, even in times where the economy has struggled.

Maybe your company has been around for years, or maybe you’ve bought an already established business.

How will you maintain your success in an increasingly competitive marketplace?.

You know your business needs to continue to scale, develop, and adapt to new ventures even 10, 15, 20 years into your business journey.

Let’s talk about how to protect your brand and the legacy of your business.

Building Your Legacy Brand: Coaching
+ Consulting for Established Businesses

Book a Legacy Brand Coaching & Consulting Session Package

We’ll spend 16 weeks together developing your legacy plan to cement your position in your industry.

When you book a Legacy Brand Coaching + Consulting package, you’ll will:

Create long-term strategies to maintain your brand’s growth…

Modernize your systems and eliminate any outdated, time-consuming, or cost-inefficient systems…

Tighten up your team and SOPs…

When you book a Legacy Brand Coaching & Consulting package, you’ll get:

  • 16 1-1 90-minute sessions where we focus on the strategies and plans that will allow your already established business to scale and maintain your strength in your niche.
  • Unlimited VOXer support directly from Coach Allison
  • Exclusive access to Monthly Group Coaching Session via Private Facebook Group

Plus, you’ll get:

  • 10+ Hours of Mastermind Training
  • My personal Digital Marketing Mood Board
  • My signature Scale to Profit Plan
  • The Coach Allison Todd Automating SOPs program
  • The Profit Ebook of the Month
  • Access to my Live Q & A with Coach Allison Todd via Zoom
  • Business -In-A-Box Monthly Freebies
  • Unlimited Digital Business Support - Monthly access

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