What is Team Coaching?

What Is Team Coaching?

When it comes to coaching in the professional world, many people talk about the benefits and importance of executive coaching and 1:1 sessions. 

However, one form of coaching is often overlooked despite its touted benefits: team coaching. Similar to executive coaching, this form of coaching helps individuals hone their skills and prepare for their careers. It’s simply done in a team setting. 

Team coaching will typically involve one coach working with a group of managers or leaders from the same organization, usually one that has a team-oriented workplace. These sessions are focused on results, and that’s exactly what participants who work with Alison Todd walk away with. 

Helping Teams Reach Goals

Team coaching will have a heavy focus on helping the group reach certain goals. To do this, a coach like Allison will encourage engagement and sharing among the team so they can come together around their common purpose and vision. Each person in the team will have a chance to define and have their role in the team recognized, so each person’s responsibilities and expectations for future work are clearly understood. 

Before the team leaves the session, the following objectives should be accomplished: 

  • – A clear understanding of the team’s performance and development. 
  • – Strategies should be found through collaboration. 
  • – Boundaries should be defined and relationship issues addressed. 
  • – An understanding that results won’t be immediate but a commitment to progress. 

What to Look for in a Team Coach

If you’re considering enlisting the help of a team coach for your organization, Allison Todd and her team would be thrilled to put their expertise at work for you. If you’re not in their area and want someone local, you’ll want to find someone that properly navigates the intricacies of dealing with multiple personalities and working styles. Team coaching is unique in this aspect in comparison to executive or confidence coaching

To be effective, a team coach should exhibit the following traits:

  • – Holistic Focus: The ability to focus on the team as a whole. The coach has to be able to help the individuals gain insight and change behaviors that may not be helping the team unit. Giving individual feedback is typically a component of team coaching, however, it should be related to the team’s goals, not an individual’s. 

  • – Flexible Mindset: The ability to operate with ambiguity. Team coaching won’t always lead to a concrete answer or the strategy that the coach expected. Since this form of coaching involves multiple personalities, the coach has to be flexible in the way that the session develops and the direction it goes. 

  • – Ability to Set Boundaries: The coach has to be able to help the team members manage and set healthy boundaries. When dealing with the many relationships that make up a team, a team coach should be adept at understanding and identifying the need for boundaries. 

  • – Vision for the Future: One major difference with team coaching is that the results are rarely immediate or concrete. The goal should be commitment and dedication to the goal with the understanding that it’ll take time to achieve. 

Team Coaching and Your Organization

Team Coaching is a unique experience that’s guaranteed to produce results and strengthen relationships — if led by a skilled team coach. Coach Allison Todd and her team have helped countless professionals work through a myriad of issues as a unit and are excited to add more organizations in the future. 

If you’re considering signing up for a team coaching session, be sure to check the credentials and past results of your coach. As always, our team is ready and able to help you with all of your coaching needs.