creative blogging process four steps

How To Be Creative With Your Blogging Process

Are you ready to learn how to be creative with your blogging process and make it yours. With these four steps, you can create, plan and post your blog! I figured the best way to learn is to take it day by day. The Four Step Process will show you how to ignite your creativity. So, what is your blog topic?

What Will You Blog About

Yes, you need to know what you will be blogging about. We can’t get creative until you identify your topic(s). I often ask myself what do I like to read? And normally, I write about those things. Then, when I need some creative discovery, I get deep in my research. Depending on the day, I can be a skimmer or a reader. Best practice says if my skimming turns into reading, that might be my next blog topic. Either way, I write about what I love. Hence, you should too.

If the research doesn’t motivate you, focus on solutions. No doubt, marketing your expertise is a great way to grow your brand. Plus, everyone likes solutions, right? I often will use some of my confidence coaching topics or business consulting topics to write about. This gives the reader some good tips, tools and techniques (for free)!

creative blogging process

Who Inspires You?

I am inspired by love letters. I love to write letters to people who motivate and inspire me. And, that’s love. Sometimes, words for one, can benefit many. Whatever works for you. After all, it’s your blog. It’s a space to carve your voice and architect your creative process. Your audience will appreciate your creative content.

I will share the Four Step Creative Blogging Process this week. If you need to ignite your creativity, come back each day this week. For extra tips, tools and templates, join the Confidence Culture. With your membership you will receive:

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If this process is helpful, let me know in the comments. I’d love to know if the next 4 days make a difference in your process. We will end the week with some Blogging Goodies. Subscribe and stay tuned.