Facebook Page vs. Group: Which One Is Right for Your Business?

There is no denying the importance of Facebook for marketing your business effectively. Facebook is known to have over 2.41 billion active users monthly. 

Given its grand scale, businesses out there can look forward to leveraging the potential offered by this leading social media platform to remain competitive in the given niche or industry. 

Whether you are a blogger or a business organization, an individual, or a large-scale enterprise, creating a Facebook profile can be done either in the form of a Facebook page or a Facebook group. 

The question arises, “Which should I create?” “What is the difference between the two?”

In this post, Allison Todd –the Founder and Chief Strategist at SiMar –a leading social media marketing agency, unfolds the importance of both the profiles for your online presence.

What is Facebook Page?

We can define a Facebook page as a  non-personal profile page –like the profile of a website, brand, organization, or enterprise.

You can look forward to having multiple Facebook pages for different purposes. Facebook pages are known to differ from the typical Facebook profile in the sense that numerous individuals can run pages.

Moreover, pages can be liked or followed by anyone who has a profile on Facebook. At the same time, the posts on pages can be promoted and monetized as well.

What is a Facebook Group?

It serves as a hub or forum for group discussions to share relevant information with individuals sharing some interest, location, or any other common trait out there.

For instance, specific Facebook groups of individuals working in a particular industry, from the same neighborhood, interested in a common topic, and so more. 

Which is the Best Option for Your Business?

Facebook Page vs. Group: Which One Is Right for Your Business?

Pages Show Better on Google Search Results

When it comes to the overall Google search results, pages are known to beat Facebook groups. Therefore, if you decide to create a dedicated Facebook group for your business or enterprise. You might miss the significant opportunities of Google search engines. 

Facebook Pages Meet Expectations

Facebook pages are also expected to meet the end-users’ unique expectations. For instance, you can think of some brand or company and search for the same on Facebook. You will come across multiple results in the form of individual accounts, pages, and Facebook groups.

When you are unsure which one is the right option, you will consider using the filter option to search for the right page. Facebook tends to be more focused on the respective business pages in comparison to groups. 

Groups Create Better Community

The main idea of creating a group is the individuals or parties involved in the same can relate to and communicate. Therefore, groups help in boosting communication with their respective members.


Based on your unique business requirements, you can choose over a Facebook page or group for your business!

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