Growing Your Social Media Followers: Instagram Strategy from Allison Todd

Growing Your Social Media Followers: Instagram Strategy from Allison Todd

Instagram is one of the most famous social media platforms out there. Featuring over a billion users currently, Instagram is a relatively young platform with a vast young follower base compared to other social media platforms. 

If you happen to be running a business and wish to promote the same across multiple social media platforms, Instagram serves to be your one-stop destination to do so.

More business owners worldwide are shifting their attention to Instagram to draw the attention of the target audience while improving the overall ROI.

Top Instagram Strategy to Grow Your Followers

Allison Todd –the founder & chief strategist at SiMar –a leading social media marketing agency, explains Instagram’s importance for businesses out there. She says that Instagram can give your business a boost when utilized in the right manner. Instagram serves to be an effective way of enabling connections with consumers who are looking forward to a straightforward, inspiring, and enriching experience through stories, product links, or services.

When you wish to make the most of this leading social media platform, you must increase your number of followers. Some of the effective strategies are:

Promote the Instagram Page on Other Platforms

Most Instagram users are active on other social media platforms. Therefore, you can always take help from the idea of lending social media followers from other platforms to Instagram. 

It would be best if you linked your business Instagram account to the respective Facebook account. Therefore, you should always make it a point to share Instagram posts on Facebook as well; This will allow your Facebook users to peek into something that they could get out of your Instagram feed.

Hashtag is the essence of Instagram. Just like Twitter, when you use the right, trending hashtags at the right moment, it could deliver outstanding results for your Instagram page. Ideally, it would be best to use a hashtag that defines your brand identity and promotes the same in one way or the other. The popular hashtags keep changing from time to time. Therefore, it is recommended to keep track of the same and use the popular ones to obtain the best results.

Include Interesting Video Content

In addition to rich-quality pictures and other content, video content is of utmost importance to your Instagram business profile. The end-users on Instagram are always looking for fresh, short-form, and exciting videos that draw the target audience’s attention. 

Optimize the Brand Page

Allison Todd from SiMar –a leading digital marketing agency, emphasizes the importance of creating the right brand image with social media optimization. Your Instagram page serves to be the public face of your company. As such, the brand page is an opportunity to introduce your brand to the Insta-world while obtaining relevant traffic for your website.

Growing Your Social Media Followers: Instagram Strategy from Allison Todd


Make the most of the right Instagram strategies to boost followers and improve the ROI for your business!

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