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How COVID-19 Influences Sales and Where Do Marketers Fit In?

Over the last few months, there had been an increase in the pace at which the world has gone digital. The slow, protracted process of moving our work, transactions, and interactions online has been forcefully sped up by the coronavirus’s effects.

Physical contact has been pushed to a minimum. Companies, irrespective of size, have been forced to move their activities to the digital sphere.

Now more than ever, the success and growth of a business is dependent on marketing. The strength and proficiency of your marketing team would determine if your company would prosper or struggle.

Customers aren’t going to stores to get a free sample or a personal tour from a concierge. Now customers get their impressions and make their purchasing decisions online.

With your marketing team taking the forefront in leading your business’s growth in these trying times, it becomes necessary for them to be well skilled and equipped.

The market has changed, and everyone wants a piece of the pie. The efficiency of your marketing program decides if you get a big slice or mere crumbs.

How COVID-19 Influences Sales and Where Do Marketers Fit In?

Here are a few tips you and your marketing team can employ to keep your business at the top of your chosen industry.

Customer Experience

How COVID-19 Influences Sales and Where Do Marketers Fit In?

This is an extensive yet crucial aspect of digital marketing. Creating excellent and convertible customer experience is in more ways than one the whole essence of digital marketing.

Building good customer experience is more than just bombarding your potential customers with facts and information. For success, you must create a feeling and an emotion around your brand. Customers want to feel an emotional connection with your brand.

When your new customers find themselves on your page, they are supposed to get a specific and intentional emotion and vibe oozing out of every content of your brand.

This emotion or feeling is why they would keep coming until they make their purchase or purchases. It is your job to continue providing that feeling consistently without sounding boring or monotonous.

The golden rule is to remain fresh while still staying true to the essence of your brand.

Leverage Analytics

How COVID-19 Influences Sales and Where Do Marketers Fit In?

Digital marketing can only be optimized with the use of analytics. Analytics gives you a detailed view and understanding of your customer’s journey as well as trends.

Analytics leveraged correctly, can guide your marketing team and your business to attain the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers.

The idea that analytics is technical and challenging to utilize is false. Most recent analytics programs are easy to use and leverage.

Quantity and Quality

How COVID-19 Influences Sales and Where Do Marketers Fit In?

With corona keeping everyone indoors, customer’s demand for digital content has risen. Data has shown that people now spend more time on social media than before. The days of one television ad showing repeatedly on the T.V are over.

Now customers want something new and fresh as often as possible. Marketing has gone beyond just informing the public of your product or getting them excited.

To survive in today’s market, you must build a connection with your target audience. The only way to create this connection is by producing quality content in high quantity.

This is the best way to keep your audience loyal and begging for more. Out of sight, they say, is out of mind. Your marketing team must remain in the views, ears, and minds of your customers.


With changes come opportunities. The market has become a level playing field with big companies competing with startups and micropreneurs. Now more than ever, micropreneurs can dominate the market with ease. It all comes down to how equipped and competent your marketing team is.

However, there is a massive workload to execute if you are going to meet your customer’s expectations and stand out. It is advisable to consider outsourcing some aspects of your businessโ€™s marketing.

Another way to go about improving the digital marketing section of your business is to train your staff. There are companies like Allison Todd & SiMar, that specialize in the training and upgrading of your workforce to meet current demands.

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