creative blogging process step two

How to be Creative with your Blogging Process (Step Two)

Learn how to be creative with your blogging process by taking the second step. Wait, if you haven’t completed step one yet, click here. Once you have completed step one come back to begin step two. Okay, everybody ready to create and editorial content planner and manage your ideas?

Choosing the Perfect Planner

If you are like me, you may have to experiment with a few different planners first. Personally, I prefer a pen and paper planner and a digital planner. I find that most of my brainstorming happens with pen and paper. However, I begin to develop the ideas in a digital form. I love the way I can arrange things with the drag and drop features. And the safety feature better know as Ctrl + Z or “undo” saves me a ton of time.

So how about you? What type of planner do you prefer? I have also tried the passion planner (which you may like) but it was super heavy for me. I have finally married the idea of the start planner which allows me to plan 12-months in advance and carry 90 days at a time. By now you have figured out I prefer to do my planning in an actual planner.

creative blogging process step two

Editorial Content Planner Template, Too.

How you design and share your content will depend on your creative style and audience needs. The most important lesson to gain from this step is how your organize and plan your content. However, here are some basic fields that should be included in your planner. Create your template in google drive, evernote or excel. You will be surprised how productive you can be.

Content Planner Topics:

  • Date and Time
  • Topic or Headline ( I like a column for both)
  • Content or Details ( I like to summary the blog so it has a jump start when I complete it)
  • Author (Unless you are the only author, no need to type your name 30 times)
  • Status or Due Date (I like both because I need to see my due dates)
  • Keywords (Identifying these early on is super helpful for me)

Managing your ideas in an editorial content planner assists with social media, podcasts, videos and blogs at the same time. And once you organize your content and manage your ideas, you will be even more creative.

I thought you might be motivated to get started, so I created a template for you. This will help you get started with your digital planner. And if you don’t have a paper planner, print the digital planner. A creative process is important. Don’t skip steps to your success.

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If the Four Step Creative Blogging Process (Step Two) is helpful let me know in the comments. I’d love to know if the next 2 days make a difference in your process.