My One Word Allison Todd

My One Word is Love

Who would have ever thought my one word could create such an experience. Last Saturday my whole direction changed. Energetically and physically I felt freedom, recognition, awe and love. It was swift and heavy almost like a weighted blanket wind storm. As fast as we were moving, I wanted to keep up at the very time I heard … surrender. I breathed so deeply it felt like i grew an inch. I’m not at all sure of the destination but so incredibly CONFIDENT and ready for the journey. I saw this moment in my dreams but never knew it was coming in this manner. And honored to be doing so with the 6 of you!

Sometimes the end of the year can be like hopping on a merry go round and spinning. Then, you pick a place to hop off. ??‍♀️ (my view of entrepreneur life at times). There is oftentimes more focused on the right and the wrong than my one word. Thank you to our gracious and fearless leader for coming to get us seven off of our merry go rounds. There is power in an invitation such as this. It says I see and hear you. ????????

Saturday was a day to remember. An unexpected best moments of 2019. Marking my spot here (and Facebook where this post originated) so next year, I can recall and reflect. I feel like I’m holding this moment in until we sing Happy New Year! ???? I’m honored to be among some powerful superstars committed to designing their destiny. We will scare each other with the size of our dreams, support each other with love and commit to push each other off ambitious cliffs as we soar! We are legacy builders being led by the power of love and the gift of time. Favor. ???‍♀️?

I choose the table. ?
Seated and prepared for take off.
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