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4 Problems Poor Management Skills Cause

How can you tell if your business is suffering from poor management skills? Lack of management skills in your business can have long-lasting impact to your business and your team. The results can be toxic, misleading, and create a lack of commitment. Thus affecting employee retention. This is why Allison Todd, Operations & Digital Growth Strategist of SiMar, unfolds the importance of ensuring proper management skills for improved results.

Four Problems That Occur with Poor Management Skills

Four Problems That Occur with Poor Management Skills

Good managers are expected to lead team members by modeling the expected behavior and creating a thriving work environment. With poor management, problems occur. Here are four problems that occur with poor management skills:

Avoiding Recognition

Not recognizing or crediting team members for their work, is a sign of poor management. Without a balance of recognition and critique, team members may not feel valued. They may also complete their work in a state of fear, actively avoiding mistakes vs confidently completing their work. Good management skills include more than just delegating. It also includes allowing team members to know, understand and execute their business role and responsibilities.

Unvalued Team Members

Too much focus on the tasks and not the people often leads to team members feeling unvalued. Sometimes, just by listening this problem can be solved. It’s management’s responsibility to provide guidance and boost the team morale. Focus on clear and transparent communication with your team.

Executing Poor Meetings

Many people sigh at the idea of meetings as most are perceived as a waste of time. Managers may be too focused on delegating tasks and meeting their business goals. Preparing meetings is often an under prioritized task. Quite the contrary, a meaningful meeting can advance business progress and increase team morale. It is also an opportunity to outline and discuss expectations. To resolve this problem make planning a priority and stay organized while managing your projects.

Instilling a Sense of Fear

Have you ever had a manager who held the security of your job over your head? Perhaps a manager who constantly micromanaged. If so, that is unfortunate and a sign of poor management. Micromanages communicates a lack of trust in your team. When the team is in fear their job, it leads to the lack of confidence and distrust in the business as a whole. The good news is these problems are easily remedied with good management skills. To begin with its important to have a good attitude toward management. and be flexible in your approach.


Notably, strong leaders with good management skills positively impact business in many ways. Planning becomes a vital concept of the business. There is a process for decision making that positions leadership with a checks and balances. Collaborating and problem solving become more of a welcomed experience. Thus improved productivity and morale overall.

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4 problems that occur with  poor management skills