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How Social Is Your Business?

It’s March, 2019, raise your hand if you are still saying you don’t have time for social media? How social is your business? Perhaps you don’t see the value in social media for your business.  And, if that’s the case, I would love to persuade you to reconsider. 

Without a social media strategy you are under-utilizing social media. How will you achieve your goals without identifying your target audience and knowing what they want? And posting to be posting will soon overwhelm you.   Plus, you are trailing behind your business competitors.  Even worse, leaving revenue behind.  

Social media gives you an all access pass to directly connect to prospects, customers, business partners and brand champions. Facebook has more than 1.8 billion monthly active users. But, it takes more than a Facebook post or an active Twitter account to call yourself an active social media marketer. You must get involved and connect with your target audience. Use your expertise and conversation skills to make each moment count. Doing so will boost your brand in the digital market.

Whatever your choice, it’s essential for businesses to begin using more social media. If you are selling products or services, you will find the largest blend of demographics on social media. Thus, being able to sell almost anything once you find your audience. To see the results you need, you’ll meed a bit of patience and perseverance. Build a community around your business. Then learn more about them.  It’s super important that you are taking advantage of the marketing tools available to you.  I love Hootsuite because I can schedule and go.  The Repost App is another favorite.  

Either way, if you are ready to get social with your business, I am here to help. My social media mastermind is designed to keep you in front of your audience and humanize your brand. Let’s tell your story and ensure your audience learns more about your brand value? Schedule your discovery call and let’s grow.