Stuck vs. STILL

One of my biggest life’s lessons this week was stuck vs. still. At first glance, it seems like the same things. In this thing called life, sometimes it gets heavy. Period. Making every day decisions can feel like carrying a mountain, while creating plans and taking the steps to get there. Steps to where, unknown. But what we know is we must get there. Our desires for better and greater propel us forward and we continue the journey. Until …that moment when you try to take a step and feel stuck.  

I believe women are created for this journey in a beautiful way. The very skilled ones are able to maneuver many mountains at one time and balance them effortlessly. In every step, they try a little harder to love greater. And, the journey progresses. No matter how you carry your mountains, sometimes, it gets hard PERIOD. Your mind tells you there is no choice but to move, yet there is no motion. Stuck.

Sometimes, when it gets hard – you feel stuck, trapped. Be aware this feeling doesn’t always mean you are stuck. AHA, stuck can mask the true message to just be STILL. You are holding you back because YOU need to carry yourself right now. You are paused because there is only one thing that matters. You are here and your mind and body are giving you a sign, to heal. Then and only then can you press forward. Be OK with being still. Let the hurry and the noise move over you and the listen. The next steps from healing are a colorful path designed for you to carry your mountains to next level greatness.

It’s OK to not be OK. And then create YOUR PLAN to be OK. It all sounds so simple but it’s not. There are steps and levels to healing. Just like there are years and tragedies to trauma. It’s OK. YOU will soon be on your way to triumph and your mountains will convert to testimony. You got this! I’m here to help you get started and keep going. I spoke to 12 women this week who were stuck and they will all think this is about them. And they’re right. It’s about you, me, them and us. Each time a woman stands up for herself, she stands up for us all. And right now, maybe, you need to stand up for you. Perhaps we should say more things like this out loud. Perhaps it’s how mass healing begins. Either way, I’m certain it’s how love wins.

Happy Friday Friends. ❤️