4 Ways Confidence Changes How You Do Business

4 Ways Confidence Changes How You Do Business

I truly believe that confidence is the key to every other puzzle in life. 

When you’re confident in your business, you’re not afraid to make bold moves and take on a new challenge. You’re not fearful of what others may think and reduce your dreams or abilities to fit someone else’s mold. 

Here are my top four ways that business confidence changes how you do business. 

#1. Confidence Improves Communication Skills

Confidence helps you speak with clarity and with precision. You’re able to impart exactly what you want more efficiently and with conviction. 

Because you’re confident in your intent or purpose, you are more relaxed and in control of your speech and how you communicate emotions. 

Business confidence helps you clearly define what you bring to the table, why you’re worth what you charge, and why your clients and industry partners should care. It’s the ultimate business boost!

#2. You’ll Get More Enjoyment Out of Your Work

The more business confidence you have in yourself, and the more you own your worth, the less likely you are to seek external validation. You stop running your business to please other people or meet their expectations. 

You start doing what you love for YOU! You are empowered to think for yourself and act on your desires and ambitions. This is what keeps you showing up every day, happy to do the work. 

This kind of confident operation overflows into your client and partner relationships. It will ooze into your marketing and messaging. It will be obvious to them that you love what you do, and that’s infectious! 

#3. Your Conflict Resolution Will Be More Successful

Like it or not, conflicts and disagreements will occur in business just as they do in life. When you lack confidence in a conflict, you start to doubt your own abilities and second-guess every decision. 

You start to lose trust in your own judgment and are hesitant to take on a confrontation in order to reach a resolution. When you have confidence in yourself and your capabilities, you believe what you say with conviction, and others will believe it, too. 

#4. Business Confidence Makes You A Better Leader

As a leader, the level of self-confidence you have can be directly associated with the level of trust your team has in you. The more confident you are in yourself, your abilities, your ideas, and what you bring to the table, the easier it is for those under you to trust what you say and do.

Business confidence helps you set ambitious goals and inspires your team to meet them. It helps you hold those you lead accountable for their actions or performance. When you’re more confident yourself, you see and recognize success and progress in others. 

Never underestimate the power of confidence in your life or in your business. If you need that ultimate business boost, or you crave to live a more confident life, I’ve got you! Inspiring and cultivating confidence in others is what I do! Reach out to me here, and let’s chat about how you can live more confidently.

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Allison Todd

Hi, my name is Allison Todd, Operations & Digital Growth Strategist! I help micropreneurs scale their teams and their profits through operations and digital marketing strategies.


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