5 Ways to Monetize your Expertise

A company works by buying skills and expertise and transforming it into a finished product; This translates to hiring employees and utilizing their labor to produce goods and services. 

However, the soul-crushing venture of climbing the corporate ladder isn’t for everyone. 

There is a massive increase in the number of people who want to enjoy financial freedom while still controlling their time and life.

A few decades ago, this was nothing more than a dream or a fairytale. However, today the story has changed. 

Ways to Monetize your Expertise

There are numerous avenues for you to cut past the corporate world and monetize your skills. Here are a few income streams that you might find convenient.

5 Ways to Monetize your Expertise

1. Writing for online publications

With many websites fueling the beautiful world of the internet comes a high demand for quality content. Writing for online publications is one easy way to share your wealth of knowledge with the world. 

We are in the information age, and your knowledge is worth a lot more than you think. Writing for online publications is the easiest method to monetizing your expertise. 

It doesn’t require a complicated process, and there are little or no barriers to entry. If you are skilled and you have excellent content to deliver, then you can start earning. It’s that simple.

2. Publishing a book

Before now, you being an author, required years and years of dedication, sweat, and ink. However, with the internet taking the world of reading by storm, all that has changed. 

Gone are the days of spending years on a manuscript and another couple of years hoping and lobbying for a big deal. Being an author still requires dedication and intelligence, but you don’t have to lobby and pray for a book deal anymore. 

With platforms like Amazon offering free publishing, you can write your book and start earning immediately after launch. Writing and self-publishing is a very lucrative way to monetize your expertise while still retaining your work and brainchildren’s rights.

3. Public Speaking

Perhaps being hunched behind a system and writing articles and books feels a lot like the corporate world you are trying to escape. Not everyone is cut-out to be a writer. Another way to share your knowledge and content with the world is public speaking. 

You might not be a writer, but if you find yourself an excellent speaker, public speaking is a path you must consider exploring. Be it informative, motivational, or political, find the niche that works best with your style and expertise, and grow from there.

4. Online Courses

If you want to do more than share information, you can go the extra mile to impart knowledge. The future of learning isn’t in brick and mortar classrooms. The future of education is on the internet. 

Online courses are slowly becoming people’s preferred way to learn. Rather than waiting to be hired by that university or that high school and find yourself in the rat race, why not teach an online course.

Either on your platform or other available platforms. Delivering online classes to a broad range of students worldwide is one easy and convenient way to make money and monetize your expertise.

5. Consulting

Although this is very similar to having a regular job, it affords you a lot of freedom. When your survival isn’t tied to one boss or one company, you get to dictate your service terms. 

Working as a consultant can be very satisfying and fulfilling. As a consultant, you get to control your time, your earnings as well as your portfolio. Working as a consultant gives you the freedom of an entrepreneur without the need for massive managerial and executive expertise.


These are some of the few ways you can monetize your expertise. There are other money-making avenues not mentioned here that you might find more applicable to your skill and expertise. However, the key is to choose a path that suits you best.

For maximum earnings and freedom, a combination of two or more of these income streams is most advisable, especially during the early stages of your freedom from the rat race.

Exploration is the best way to find what you do best. You also don’t want to be too dependent on one income stream as that would take away from the freedom you so rightly cherish.

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