Why Your Brand Guidelines Matter

why brand guidelines are important

Brand guidelines or a brand book are a set of properties that explain how your brand operates, what it looks like, and who you are. It usually includes your mission, values, vision, tone, personality, and messaging. 

Built on your vision, personality, and mission are your brand assets, such as your color identity, logo, and visual styling. While it may seem superfluous, your goal is to attract a specific type of customer, and knowing what appeals to them is important. 

Here are my top reasons creating your brand guidelines is essential for your business. 

Brand Consistency

By creating a standard for how your brand appears, you will have a consistent identity in front of your audience. Changing graphics, colors, fonts, and associated with your brand makes you appear flighty and indecisive. 

Consistency in messaging and design shows you’re steadfast and reliable. It builds trust with your audience, who feels they know what to expect and are more comfortable working with you.

Brand Guidelines Encourage Relationships

It’s not just about colors and fonts. Comprehensive guidelines also advance your company’s values and mission. It’s an easy way to communicate what you stand for and how you intend to accomplish your goals. 

People connect with purposes, not brands. By showcasing a relatable, human element of your brand, you’re building authentic connections and relationships with your market.

Brand Recognition

We all know brands like Nike, Mcdonald’s, Ford. You only have to see their logo, and you instantly recognize who they are and what they offer. 

How? Because we’ve seen them over and over again, never changing, always consistent. 

While you’re probably not to mega-brand levels just yet, creating brand guidelines that your company lives and breathes by makes you instantly recognizable to your target audience. 

Brand Value Perception

Brand guidelines help you create a strong brand identity. When it’s designed to target your desired audience shows that you know your market. 

You understand their needs, desires, goals, and even a bit of their style. Together, this increases your value in their eyes, and they’re more open to paying what you’re worth. 

Brand Tone and Target Market 

Knowing your audience is key to developing a unique brand voice. If you’re a suit and tie brand, your tone and voice will trend more skilled and professional, and your brand visuals will be dark and sharp. 

If your market is families with small children, bright colors, bold fonts, and light, happy messaging is what connects with that aesthetic. 

If you go to market with any old logo you whipped up on Canva, and whatever font you happen to like, there is a strong likelihood that none of that will suit your brand. It doesn’t match who your customer is, and they may not trust your offer.

Your Brand Guidelines Matter Because Your Brand Is Selling Something

If you don’t have comprehensive brand guidelines keeping you on track, you may find your marketing is off, and you’re not reaching the right audience. I can help you develop robust and consistent brand guidelines that advance your messaging and your value. Book with me!

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Allison Todd

Hi, my name is Allison Todd, Operations & Digital Growth Strategist! I help micropreneurs scale their teams and their profits through operations and digital marketing strategies.


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