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Coach Allison Todd Interviews Tee Thomas

Every business owner has a different experience as they meet the challenges of COVID-19. Listen as Coach Allison Todd interviews Tee Thomas, Founder of Formation Salon & Spa.

Before the pandemic, Tee was working on the construction of her newly acquired location. As she prepared for her grand opening, she continued to make minor updates. Then she decided to hire a new business team. Many business owners understand the responsibilities Tee had to juggle both while safe at home and in order to reopen in June. However, she would need more than understanding to implement the necessary changes.

Like many, she had many things to consider. She redesigned one of her suites specifically for high risk and older clients. After days of cleaning and sanitation, there is still much to complete. During the interview, Tee shares more about why its her responsibility to press forward and be of service to others.

And now, not only is she prepared to open her business doors, she wants to position herself to lead others during these uncertain times. Tee says, “We’ve been delayed but not denied. We must press forward.”