onboarding new employees

Onboarding Tips: Team Integration Made Easy

The process of integrating new staff into the everyday workings of your business can be a bit tricky. With your employees managing their roles and responsibilities that keep your business running smoothly, new team members can begin to feel lost and alone. Here are a few tips on how to integrate your new team without disrupting the day to day running of your business.

Simplify Onboarding

The first day for any new team member is usually a roller coaster. The first day is often an uneven balance of retaining information, remaining professional and asking the “right” questions. A new employee can get a bit intimidated by all of the information, processes and people. The best way to avoid this is to make all necessary information available to your new employee before they begin their first day of work. Merely telling them about their position isn’t enough to ensure that your recruits hit the ground running.

Your recruits need to have a detailed understanding of their roles and responsibilities. This includes sharing information about their direct report, team members, benefits, work expectations and more. Don’t throw your new team member into their work without sharing more about where they are working and who they are working with. I like to use a digital onboarding system that notifies me when documents are opened, reviewed, completed and/or signed. The convenience of completing this via email also provides an opportunity to review at your leisure. Before the work day, of course. This way recruits resume their first day feeling ready and confident to get some work done.

Create a Mentor-Mentee Program

A simple way to help your new new team adjust to their new work environment is to set them up with a mentor, their “go to person”. This can be the business owner, their direct report or a senior team member. Two or more mentors is not a bad idea as it allows your team member to choose a mentor who resonates with them.

 The main goal is to ensure the new team member feels free to ask questions and make clarification without being judged. Creating a good working atmosphere goes a long way in ensuring that your new employees are effective and enjoy a good work experience.

Leverage the Internet

The internet provides a lot of programs to educate, train and certify your team. It basically creates a virtual office for you and your workforce. For instance productivity software is at the top of the list of these programs. Instead of waiting for your recruit to submit misguided results, keep track of their work to ensure you can correct their mistakes before they make them.


The first few weeks of your new employee’s work experience is essential. Proper handling of these integration and adjustment period is very crucial in the progress of your team. Your ability to retain the best employees ensures the greatest results. The best way to create an effective onboarding process is to invest the time in the planning and creating of the system.