Transforming Feelings Into Energy: Emotional Intelligence & Leadership

Transforming Feelings Into Energy: Emotional Intelligence & Leadership

Emotions are like energy. They can’t be destroyed only transformed. Attempts at killing an emotion or burying a strong feeling always lead to disaster.

If you are dissatisfied with a member of your team’s productivity or actions. The best course of action is to have a private discussion with him or her.

Sometimes we avoid the difficult task of saying the painful truths to our workers to maintain peace. However, this is bound to cause huge problems.

When you are angered or saddened by someone’s actions, your emotions are bound to leak out no matter how much you try to hide it.

A dull feeling of anger or disappointment can grow and fester into animosity and acrimony until it explodes into a flaming disaster.

How to Deal with emotions

The best way to deal with emotions in your business is to identify them, address them, and transform them accordingly. With a high level of emotional intelligence, you would find yourself doing this with ease and flawlessly.

Done effectively, feelings of dissatisfaction and disappointment would be addressed and transformed into useful energy and vibes that would push your team and company forward.

A large part of this team-wise involves conflict resolution and keeping the team in sync and harmony.

However, it is essential to note that before you can lead your team emotionally. You must be able to control your feelings intelligently. As a leader, you must be a force of direction and order, not an agent of further chaos.

You must be competent at processing and handling your personal feelings as an individual. Before processing and fixing the emotional problems of your team.

This is most important when you are a party in the conflict. It would require even greater will and intelligence to keep your emotions in check as you play the role of mediator and second party simultaneously.


Your level of emotional intelligence determines how much you can control and process your emotional state. This reflects on your team and determines the general vibe and energy flowing within the workspace. As a leader you aren’t just leading your team’s productivity you are also leading the emotional ambiance of your team.

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Transforming Feelings Into Energy: Emotional Intelligence & Leadership