How to Position Your Business for Survival During the Pandemic.

The Coronavirus has hit the economy of the world hard, knocking a lot of businesses out totally. Large and small companies alike have felt the effect of the pandemic. With the world in a state of uncertainty and flux, making plans and projections for your business can be quite tricky. Now more than ever, the flexibility and dexterity of small and medium scale businesses is an advantage.

Leveraging this advantage is crucial to your survival in your industry. After the dust settles, a lot of business would be long gone, and only a few would survive. While this is a genuinely sad affair, it also translates to tremendous opportunities for the companies that manage to survive.
After a recession, there is a boom.

With both the demand and supply sides of the market shrinking to survive, the world’s economy is receding. However, a boom is coming, and your actions now would determine if you would miss it or ride it to success and growth.

How to position your business

Here are a few tips on keeping your business alive and in position for the incoming boom.

1. Go digital.

This is quickly becoming an obvious necessity. The need to reduce human contact to the barest minimum has shot up on the list of priorities of all serious-minded entrepreneurs.

Utilizing online and digital resources as much as possible now has the added advantage of keeping your staff and customers safe. Customers feel safer working with brands that they know are conscious of health and safety recommendations.

Right now, the best way to show your customers that you care is by reducing physical contact with them and looking out for their safety.

2. Digital Marketing

In a bid to reduce physical contact and keep your customers safe, you might end up alienating them. Looking out for your customer’s health and following all guidelines can keep your old customers and even attract new customers. Clients are bound to leave brands and firms that seem nonchalant about the risks of the pandemic.

However, maintaining a deep and individualized connection with your customers is still very important. Going digital isn’t an excuse to give your customers mechanized or robotic customer service.

Customer care and customer experience must always be at the forefront of all your customer relations activity.

This is where digital marketing comes in. Your marketing team must create quality and relatable content that would attract new customers and keep your old customers connected to your brand.

3. Keep your Staff Flexible.

Clearly, with a change in the business world, there would be a change in the workload. While some departments would be basically jobless, some departments would be overworked.

For example, your production department might be overstaffed right now as demand is significantly reduced. Meanwhile, your marketing team is struggling to keep up with the task of creating content and staying in touch with customers.

As entrepreneurs, keeping a flexible onboarded team is our watchword. Keep your team up to date with the firm’s current state and let them come up with ideas on how they can serve the firm better.

Do not shy away from encouraging your teammates to utilize their hidden talent for the business’s success. It is high time that the employee with excellent people’s skills leaves the production floor to handle the numerous messages from prospective clients.

4. Be Flexible and Informed.

There is a lot of information flying around. This adds more to panic and uncertainty. However, as entrepreneurs, we must keep our eyes and ears open for the latest and verified information in our market and industry. Large chunks of Data are available for your analysis.

Find reliable sources and utilize them. Notice the trends going on in the market and react accordingly. What are your customers asking for and what are your competitors doing right or wrong.

The goal of a business is to meet a need. With the pandemic changing the world, the needs of consumers are changing. Your ability to adjust to meet those needs would go a long way in determining your business’s survival and subsequent growth.

Get informed, analyze, and take action.


The pandemic is bound to leave some lasting effects on the business world. The way we transact and socialize is bound to change forever. During this transition phase, your ability to make timely and necessary adjustments to your business strategy would help secure your success in the business world. As an entrepreneur, you must be ready and willing to try new things. Be bold and flexible, and you would ride the coming boom to greatness.