Open Letter from Allison Todd: How Chadwick Boseman Inspired Me

Chadwick Boseman is among the few celebrities whose life and death has been an inspiration. His flawless acting was gracious. On-screen and off-screen, he was a star. A shining light, depicting the ideal example for black males.

His work as King T’chala, the Black Panther, was a true rendition of a black king. It gave black people all over the world a vision of Africa as it should have been. It opened our eyes and gave us a beautiful representation of what we all knew; Black is powerful.

All through his life, Chadwick was an accurate depiction of black pride, and he inspired me to do better, to be better. On-screen and off-screen, he carried himself like the true black king that he was. There was no doubt that he was a man of great power and glory.

News of his death was as shocking as it was painful. More often, it seems we are losing our black heroes like Chadwick and lots more. However, as the pain eased off, and the wound began to morph into a scar, learning began.

If today was your last day on earth, what would you be doing?

Many times we have heard the question: If today was your last day on earth, what would you be doing? Would you spend it doing what you are doing right now?

The answer to this question varies from person to person, but I am almost certain that Chadwick’s response would have been a resounding yes. He spent every day of his life doing exactly what he loved.

He fought relentlessly for his dreams as he built his legacy and etched his name in cinematic stone, all while fighting for his life.

Referencing his speech at Howard University; I think it is fair to say that Chadwick found his purpose and spent every day of his life following it happily. In the days following his death, I have come to reassess my path in life.


I have asked myself if what I am doing is indeed my purpose on this earth. I was elated to find the answer to be yes. Inspired by Chadwick, I shall spend every day of my life, pursuing my purpose with all my power and might without losing grace or focus.

In old African cultures, our forefathers believed that kings never died but rather went on journeys. I liked that belief and shall stick to it. I wish Chadwick Boseman everlasting peace.

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