How to be an excellent leader of an excellent team.

How to Be an Excellent Leader of an Excellent Team

There are numerous aspects to building and developing a team. However, the success or failure of your team is heavily reliant on your leadership skills. It is not enough to get the most skilled people in various fields. Without proper leadership and human resource management skills, you might end up wasting your team’s talent.

The team should be greater than the sum of all its members. There are many benefits in synergy, division of labor, specialization, and good old teamwork. However, these benefits would be unattainable if you are a terrible leader.

As an entrepreneur leading your team is part of the job; However, the fact that you are the de facto manager and boss doesn’t mean you should take the job for granted. As a leader, you must make serious efforts to manage the talents and skills of every member of your team.

How to be an excellent leader

How to Be an Excellent Leader of an Excellent Team

Here are a few tips on how to be a good team leader.

1.     Be a good listener

A true leader is someone that listens to more and talks less. He is garnering information from the great minds he has gathered around himself. Therefore a good leader makes informed decisions at all times. He isn’t harmful or argumentative but positive and patient. Teammates find it easy to make their opinions and suggestions known to a good leader. A good leader understands the value and importance of every member of the team. You don’t know everything, therefore do not hesitate to learn from the views and perspectives of your team.

2. Generals aren’t the best soldiers, but the best leaders

A good leader surrounds himself with people smarter and more skilled. A general doesn’t recruit weak soldiers to stroke his ego. A good leader employs talented people who would perform their given roles excellently. It is best to hire people who are better at doing one aspect of your business than every other team member. Synergy is achieved when you employ a wide range of talents that fit and work well together.

3. Be a source of inspiration

Another tip on being a good leader is to be a source of inspiration. Sometimes it is not all about money and benefits. As a team leader, you must paint a vivid picture of your business’s future and how your employees fit in. The best employees are those who have seen their goals and objectives and are focused on achieving it. Inspired employees are the best and most driven teammates.


In conclusion, a team must be made up of the right parts that fit together and an excellent leader. The combination of skill, synergy, and leadership is what would make your team productive and your business successful.