How to Be An Optimist Amid Life’s Challenges?

Without a doubt, to be an optimist amid life’s challenges is personal success. I mean, life can throw you some curve balls.  Thus, leaving us more the tedious thing that caused the challenge rather than what we were supposed to learn from the challenge.  It can be difficult to find your optimism when life is seemingly trying to bring you down.  

Let’s face it, bad things happens.  And sometimes bad things happen to good people.  There’s a reason why my dad always says, “hope for the best but prepare for the worse”.  There is, however, a way to work around these situations.  Here’s a couple happy hacks that may work: 

  • Trust that there’s a rainbow at the end of every storm.  Like the seasons, changes happen and trust that things, at some point, will work out just fine.  But most importantly, trust yourself. 
  • Learn to let go of the things that hold you back.  There is no way you to grow unless you remove the barriers to your growth. An optimistic mindset will enable you to strategize differently and prepare you to pivot when needed.  Same goal, different path.   
  • Get in touch with your spirituality. Meditate. Pray. Practice a peace regimen.  Determine how to relax your thoughts and put your mind at ease.  And, harness all the positive energy surrounding you.
  • Patience is a virtue and waiting should never be thought of as a punishment.  Everyone is waiting for something, consciously or subconsciously. It could be a partner or a child, a new job, or a break in business. Use this waiting time to prepare instead of worry.
  • Channel optimism even when you’re not.  When you say you’re okay, you tend to believe it —even when things don’t seem okay.  What you think often, becomes who you are. It’s all a matter of mindset.
  • Gratitude!  Count your blessings instead of your problems. Do not weigh yourself down with problems, instead seek solutions. Think of your achievements and the things that bring you joy. 
  • Be fully present.  Leave the past where its intended to be. Live fully in the moment. Be accountable for your actions, understand mistakes happen and try harder next time.  
  • Make the most of the moment even if it doesn’t work the way it should be. Maybe a sudden downpour ruined the luau you’ve planned for months. Go on and have an indoor luau or be prepared to be wet anyway. Optimism considers the good in every situation.
  • When you know you’re bound to fail, have faith. Even the most impossible of situations can still work to your advantage. A failed job may open a new startup business opportunity for you. The goal remains the same although the path may have changed. 
  •  Be you. The best gauge of optimism is how your shine radiates to others. Try to touch other people’s hearts with your sincerity and share your sense of hope.  .

Regardless of challenges, the idea is to get back up and try again. Things out of your control, can’t be controlled.  But with an optimistic mindset, you can be prepared to weather most storms.