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Starting a Business with Zero Experience

Don’t let the fear that comes from no experience stop you from starting your business.  The art of becoming an official entrepreneur is both exhilarating and demanding.  There are many emotions that emerge while building your business.  But, don’t be discouraged, there are many solutions!  In fact that are some challenges you may be able to avoid.  Below there are three challenges that occur as a result of little to zero business experience: 

Unstable Cash Flow
People often start their business with ideals of cash flow but no real plan that guarantees return on your investment.  It’s important that you have an accessible cash flow with the ability to cover expenses.   Equally important is that you are tracking your business cash.  Business doesn’t run without cash flow but you would be surprised how many entrepreneurs do not know how to manage their cash.  Remember managing your business budget allows you to have a financial overview of what your business needs.  Without the ability to do so, your business is limited with more promise of loss than growth.  Don’t put the open sign up and open the business doors if you don’t know what it will cost you. 

Time Management 

Have you ever started your day knowing what you want to get done and gotten distracted by emails, addressing challenges or dealing with the non-stop ringing of the phone? You are not alone.  Many entrepreneurs struggle to manage their time with too much to do and not enough time in the day.    However, to increase business success, you must be able to effectively manage your time.  It is vital to manage time wisely.  Start managing your time, by managing your day.  Spend time scheduling your day, BEFORE, you plug in to the digital world.  Then, hop on the computer and schedule your day.  Finally, follow your schedule and manage your time.  Once you have developed the habits of effective time management, you will find you can deal with almost anything.

Lack of Knowledge

The greatest challenge begins with a lack of knowledge.  Failure to understand your market, your audience and current trends can lead to numerous challenges.  One of the major facets of business success is knowledge, research and more knowledge.  In order to effectively manage and GROW your business you must KNOW your business.    Without acquiring good business knowledge, you won’t acquire good business profit.  You must be willing to do your business research before you can be of service to your customers.  Being unfamiliar with your market niche can create unwelcomed business chaos.  In order to equip yourself ongoing knowledge, you are equipped to manage business operations, business inventory and business teams, your business could face many difficult situations.