Webinar: Customer Onboarding After the Sale

This webinar Customer Onboarding After the Sale will maximize your customers’ success, satisfaction, and retention with an exceptional post-purchase plan. The strategy taught in this webinar will give you the tools to welcome your new customer.

There are two reasons your clients decide not to stay after purchase. And you want to be prepared for both. Firstly, the customer doesn’t see the value in what they purchased. Secondly, the customer doesn’t understand your product or service. As such, you will create a post-purchase system to ensure customer satisfaction and successful product use.


Your customer wants to hear what you have to say. After all, they made the purchase. During the event, you will create content to ensure your customers achieve their desired results with your products and services. You will also outline the automated components of your post-purchase system. Your host, Coach Allison Todd, will guide you through each module.

  • Plan the Post-Purchase Experience
  • Set Up the First 30 Days
  • Create the Process for the Next Month & Beyond


During this webinar, you will get the tools and content needed to create your post-purchase process. From start to finish, this framework guides you through the planning and implementation of your customer onboarding process. Plus, all registrants receive a free download of the 3-Step Customer Onboarding Checklist. Tell your customers what to expect up front.

  • Understand the value and necessity of having a structured customer onboarding process to aid in customer retention and future sales
  • A step-by-step process for developing a customer onboarding program
  • Identify the key customer components that motivate future sales


Allison Todd helps micropreneurs scale their teams and their profits through operations and digital marketing strategies. She is an accomplished executive with more than 20 years invested in managing businesses, building brands, and coaching executives. As a result, her work includes a variety of consulting services such as sales, team development, digital marketing, and executive coaching.